Bienvenido! You are warmly invited to a special retreat in Granada, Nicaragua on October 20-23 and including a book launch party for my upcoming release of The Flourish Formula! I am so delighted you are interesting in joining me and other women for conscious conversation and a deep dive in the 8 step FLOURISH process (including creating your own custom plan or what I call your 'Flourish Formula.') This will be an intimate group -- I've rented a grand colonial casa turned boutique hotel for our gathering and I only have two spots remaining. I am currently offering the retreat for half price or $1200. This does not include airfare or lodging (you have the choice of two kinds of private rooms at the boutique hotel, one is $40 a night and one is $70 a night.) The price does include breakfast, lunch, special book launch dinner out, treats and surprises plus transportation to and from the airport. If you are interested complete this quick form and I'll be in touch to share more details and answer any questions to help you determine if this is a good fit for you so we can reserve your spot. Warmly, Courtney
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Do you already have a specific shift you are thinking about making in your life or soul nudge you are dreaming of? This could be as simple as wanting to finally slow down and start a meditation practice you enjoy, or spending more time present to your children or a big shift -- like wanting to relocate or change your job. If you already have a sense of something stirring around which you could use some support I'd love to hear more!

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